UADA- Devoid of Light

UADA- Devoid of Light


From the ashes of the battlegrounds of Washington state (Battleground, WA), and the remnants of black/death veterans Ceremonial Castings come UADA.  Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this 4-piece outfit of seasoned musicians have created a virtual masterpiece of USBM.  Devoid of Light kicks off with the blistering track “Natus Eclipsim”.  The ritual begins.  UADA takes you on a magical journey of darkness.  Melodic hooks, brutality and epic screams and growls throughout, this album is probably going to be up at the top of my top 15 albums of 2016 easily.  Trevor Matthews drumming is off the hook on this opus.  The recording of “Devoid of Light” is super professional and precise.  You get sucked into the black void and are mesmerized by the mighty riffing and bass/drum combo, commanded by Jake Superchi’s hellish screams and hypnotic low growls.  I can’t stress enough how excellent this album is.  Released in April 2016, the first pressing sold out at the Seattle stop of their tour with Inquisition on July 29th.   2nd pressing will be coming soon, along with the vinyl release (which I am super stoked for).  UADA just played a successful show at the “Metal Threat” fest in Chicago.  If you get the chance to see them live, by all means do it.  The ritual they perform is not to be missed.  I highly recommend “Devoid of Light”.  It will remain in my CD player for several months for sure.    For fans of MGLA and Inquisition, or any fan of cult black metal.




  1. Natus Eclipsim
  2. Devoid of Light
  3. N.M.
  4. Our Pale Departure
  5. Black Autumn/White Spring


Scott Cameron 2016